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The cylindrical roller bearing

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The cylindrical roller bearing has a double row of rollers, the outer ring has a Shared spherical raceway, the inner ring has two raceway and is inclined to the axis of the bearing at an Angle. This kind of ingenious structure makes it have the function of automatic centering, so it is not susceptible to the influence of the Angle of shaft and bearing box seat on the error or shaft bending, and it is suitable for the installation error or shaft deflection caused by the Angle error. The bearing can bear not only radial load, but also axial load for bidirectional operation.
Aligning roller bearings have cylindrical and conical inner bore, conical cone taper of 1:30 and 1:12 two kinds, this conical inner bore bearing with a tight set sleeve or unloader sleeve, the conical inner bore aligning ball bearing can be conveniently and quickly assembled on the optical shaft or ladder machine shaft.

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