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How is the installation of insulated bearings operated?


Insulating bearing is a precision product in mechanical equipment. Correct installation and maintenance are very important for bearings. Improper installation and maintenance will lead to premature bearing failure, resulting in the failure of the main engine. Insulated bearings need to be installed in a clean environment to prevent foreign matter from entering the bearing and avoid severe impact loads. Editor share the correct installation and maintenance methods of insulated bearings.

Precautions for the installation of bearings

Before installing bearings, please check relevant parts to ensure that they are clean. Do not open the original packing of bearings before installation. Remove burrs, chips, rust and dirt from the mounting surface, otherwise, the bearing will produce noise and vibration when working. For interference fit (D< =100mm), the bearing can be mechanically or hydraulically pressed onto the shaft or housing.

For larger bearings (D> 100mm) or larger interference, can be installed on the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Oil bath heating or induction heating is generally used. Bearings with tapered inner holes are fitted with interference fit. Outer circular shaft: the installation of the screw (or connecting sleeve and nut); Tapered shafts are directly mounted with fixed nuts.

For cylindrical hole bearings, the radial clearance size after installation is determined by the tolerance of the selected shell hole and shaft. The more interference they generate, the smaller the radial clearance after installation. Therefore, it is very important to correctly select the tolerance of shaft and hole matching with the bearing. For the installation of tapered bore bearings, unlike the inner holes of cylindrical bore bearings, the interference is determined by the tolerance of the selected shaft, but by the length of the distance of the bearing being pushed into the tapered journal or tapered adapter sleeve.

The initial radial clearance of the bearing decreases gradually in the pushing process, and the pushing amount determines the fit degree. Therefore, the initial radial clearance of the bearing must be measured before installation. In the process of bearing push-in, the radial clearance is continuously measured until the desired radial clearance reduction and the ideal interference fit are achieved.

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