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What is the whole process of 3D printing?

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Three-dimensional design
Firstly, it is modeled by computer modeling software, and then the built three-dimensional model is "partitioned" into layer-by-layer sections, that is, slices, so as to instruct the printer to print layer by layer.
The standard file format for collaboration between the design software and the printer is the STL file format. An STL file uses triangular faces to approximate the surface of an object. The smaller the triangle, the higher the resolution of the resulting surface. PLY is a scanner for three-dimensional files generated by scanning. The VRML or WRL files generated by it are often used as input files for full-color printing.
The printer reads the cross-sectional information in the file, prints these cross-sections layer by layer with liquid, powder or sheet-like materials, and then glues the cross-sections of each layer in various ways to create an entity. The characteristic of this technology is that it can make almost any shape of objects.
Traditional manufacturing technologies such as injection molding can produce polymer products in large quantities at a lower cost, while 3D printing technology can produce relatively small numbers of products in a faster, more flexible, and lower-cost way. A desktop-sized 3D printer can meet the needs of designers or concept development teams to make models.

Finish printing
The resolution of the 3D printer is sufficient for most applications (it may be rough on curved surfaces, like jagged images). To obtain higher resolution items, you can use the following method: first use the current 3D printer Hit a slightly larger object, and then slightly polish the surface to get a smooth "high-resolution" object.
Some technologies can use multiple materials for printing at the same time. Some technologies also use supports in the printing process. For example, when printing some upside-down objects, you need to use something that is easy to remove (such as solubles) as a support.
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