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NSK bearings noise generated cause analysis solving measures

wallpapers News 2021-02-24
The impact of the NSK bearing rolling body and its control method The large-scale ball NSK bearing or cylindrical roller bearing is operated at low speed under pure radial load since the centrifugal force of the rolling body is small, the rolling body in the non-negative region is A noise will be impacted by impacting the cage or raceway. But as the speed increases, this sound will disappear.
The control method for the sound of the rolling body is: appropriately reduced the radial gap, the NSK bearings of the retaining holder with a reasonable structure and the material.
Secondly, the rolling channel of the NSK bearing and the control method of the roller channel is when the NSK bearing is running, and the rolling continuous sound emitted on the rolling surface is the unique basic basis. The general bearing sound is the rolling channel plus other sounds. The rolling channel of the ball bearing is irregular. The frequency is more than 1000 Hz, and its main frequency does not change with the speed, but its sound pressure level increases with the speed of speed.
The method of controlling the sound of the roller is: select the NSK bearing that is small with low noise bearing, cautiously selects the conditions of use. The raceway often affects the noise of the entire machine, reducing the sound of the roller, can reduce the noise of the entire machine.
Finally, the rolling sound of NSK bearings and its control methods are rolled by cylindrical roller bearings that may occur on all occasions, most of which occurs in larger-scale bearings in grease, while in base oil performance It is more likely to occur in deterioration of lubricants, almost no occurrence in oil lubrication. In addition, it is more likely to occur during winter, when the pure radial load is subjected to a large number of radial swags, and the contents of a particular speed range are prone to the content of a certain number of speeds, which will occur continuously. It will be intermittent. The special processing method of the outer ring can prevent the appearance of rolling, if necessary, use this bearing, or appropriately reduce the radial clearance of the bearing, use good performance, high-performance, rigidity, and rigidity with the bearing.
However, sometimes due to the size of the NSK bearings and the size of the bearing seat hole or the matching surface roughness that does not meet the standard requirements, the excessive government cooperation causes the bearing seat to be largely extruded, resulting in the bearing itself. The radial gap is reduced, making the NSK bearing rotate difficult, fever, wear exacerbate, or snort, which will cause the inner and outer race in the bearing during installation. At the same time, it is also possible to eliminate the phenomenon that the axis is axially engaged in the NSK bearing due to heat else. However, excessive gaps cooperate, the non-rotating seat will be rotated with the rolling body, resulting in severe wear of the shaft (or bearing hole) and the inner seat (or outer row), and friction is hot, vibrates.
1. the rolling bearing is low. Workaround: Use the specified precision level bearing.
2. the spindle bending or different hearts of the box. Workaround: Repair the spindle or the box.
3. the belt is too tight. Workaround: Adjusting the belt to make the tight appropriate.
4. poor lubrication. Workaround: Select the lubrication of the specified grade and clean it properly.
5. low assembly quality. Workaround: Improve the quality of assembly.
6. NSK bearings inner and outer shell running circles. Workaround: Replace the rolling bearing and related wear parts Correction impeller balance hole diameter and check the static balance
7. the axial force is too large. Solution: Cleaning, corrected the sealing mouth ring clearance requirements between 0.20.3mm.
8. rolling bearing damage. Solution: Replace the rolling bearing.

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