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Structural features and axial clearance of spherical roller bearings

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Spherical roller bearings consist of an outer ring with a spherical raceway, a double raceway inner ring, one or two cages and a set of spherical rollers. Since the center of the spherical raceway of the outer ring is consistent with the center of the bearing, it has self-aligning performance and can automatically adjust the tilt or shaft deflection caused by the angular error between the shaft and the bearing seat.
Structure and characteristics
Spherical roller bearings are divided into the cylindrical bore and a conical bore. The taper of the tapered bore is 1:12, the rear code is K for spherical roller bearings, and the 1:30, the rear code is for spherical roller bearings K30. The inner hole is a bearing with a tapered hole, which can be directly installed on the tapered shaft. When the bearing is matched with the tapered shaft, the radial clearance of the bearing can be adjusted by moving the inner ring along the axial direction; or use an adapter sleeve or a disassembly sleeve to install the Cylindrical shaft.
According to whether the inner ring has ribs and the cage used, it can be divided into two types: C type and CA type. The C-type bearing has no ribs on the inner ring and a stamped steel plate cage. The CA type bearing has ribs on both sides of the inner ring and adopts a car-made solid cage. For convenient and simple lubrication, spherical roller bearings can be provided with a lubrication hole and a lubrication groove, and the outer ring has a lubrication groove and three lubrication holes. The rear code is W33. Spherical roller bearings can withstand large radial loads and bidirectional axial loads. Especially suitable for bearing heavy loads or shock and vibration loads. But the allowable working speed of spherical roller bearings is relatively low.
Installation axial clearance
The installation axial clearance of self-aligning roller bearing can be adjusted by adjusting nut on the journal, adjusting gasket, thread in bearing seat hole, or pre tightening spring. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of bearing installation, the distance between bearings and the material of shaft and bearing seat, which can be determined according to the working conditions. For the self-aligning roller bearing with high load and high speed, the influence of temperature rise on axial clearance must be considered when adjusting the clearance, and the reduction of clearance caused by temperature rise should be estimated, that is to say, the axial clearance should be properly adjusted a little larger. For bearings with low speed and bearing vibration, they should be installed without clearance or with preload. The purpose is to make the roller and raceway of self-aligning roller bearing have good contact, and the load is evenly distributed, so as to prevent the roller and raceway from being damaged by vibration and impact. After adjustment, the size of the axial clearance is checked with a dial indicator.

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