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The structure type of spherical roller bearings

wallpapers Products 2020-08-27
Spherical roller bearings are divided into: cylindrical bore and conical bore.
The taper of the tapered inner bore is 1:12, the rear code is K for spherical roller bearings (153000 or 113000) and 1:30, the rear is for K30 spherical roller bearings. When this type of bearings is matched with a tapered shaft, the inner ring moves along the axial direction to adjust the radial clearance of the spherical roller bearing.
After installing the tapered hole spherical roller bearings with the rear codes K and K30 on the matching adapter sleeve, they will become the rear codes K+H type and K30+H type bearings. This kind of bearing can be installed on an optical shaft without a shaft shoulder, and is suitable for occasions where the bearing needs to be frequently installed and removed. In order to improve the lubrication performance of the bearing, there is an annular oil groove in the outer ring of the bearing and three evenly distributed oil holes are drilled, and the rear code is W33.

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