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What Are The Applications Of Boride Ceramics?

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Metal boride is a hard compound formed by transition metal and boron.
Application of boride ceramics in aerospace
Modern aircraft, such as spacecraft, artificial satellites, rockets, missiles, supersonic aircraft, etc., are developing in the direction of high thrust, high speed, and long distance, which in turn puts forward higher requirements for the high temperature resistance of materials. For example, rocket nose cones and supersonic aircraft wing fronts need to work in a neutral or oxidizing environment at 2000-2400°C. This makes the development of ultra-high temperature materials more and more urgent.

Boride ceramics is a promising material. However, its research and development, compared with conventional materials, neither theoretical research nor application development is very deep and mature, and large-scale applications are also restricted. However, judging from the rapid development in recent years, it can be foreseen that with the deepening of research, the properties of boride cermets will surely be further improved, and they will be applied in many industrial production fields, especially in aerospace, There will be bright application prospects in various fields such as automobiles and refractories.

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